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1930 Hours

    School is just about over and summertime is just around the corner. Now that my days are indefinitely free, the time has come to pump out art like there's no tomorrow. I've been thinking about drawing my OC Pony and his dark counterpart and the next few weeks, although I have yet to finish conceptualizing what my OC Pony would actually look like. Ponies and pony art aside, I have also thought about 3therwinG EnterpriseS (my fictional, powerful, all-around business company,) and how I'm going to envision it, there's just so much I can show the world how I saw the Company. Hopefully, and eventually, I'll get better stuff to work with, so I can come up with something better than a GIMP'd pencil sketch, maybe sharpen up my drawing too.

    DeviantArt aside, I finally met a fellow brony in League of Legends; FiM.VinylScratch. It was about time too, after seeing some LoL bronies in PHPonyCon 2013. In fact, it was because of Vinyl that I decided to write this journal in the first place. I was racking up some in-game currency so I could unlock the newest character: Quinn, and in the last match I found Vinyl (seriously, what were the odds of us meeting in that match?). I talked to Vinyl a bit during the game, but I think I was kinda impolite in what I was saying, seeing as Vinyl reply back, BUT I guess he/she was as surprised as I was. After seeing the super-ultra-mega-awesome team Vinyl is in, called Friendship is Magic [FiM2], I can finally play with some friendlier teammates. But to be worthy of being in their team, I must undergo most rigorous training sessions (and maybe fix my laptop so the game can proceed without hanging), and let the LoL bronies know that I can kick some flank.

         Dis Summer gon be goood. .


aka Bologna Swordsman
Amateur artist and experienced video gamer. Not much else to say. I prefer both physical and magical power rather than either one.

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